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Bosch WAE20260AU 6.5Kg Front Loading Washing Machine front loading washing machine

Bosch WAE20260AU 6.5Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Details on this front loading washing machine

Bosch WAE20260AU 6.5Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Verdict - quite positive rating.

Compare with all other front loading washing machines.

Today, Bosch front-load washers are so advanced, they use up to 60% less water and
up to 68% less energy than conventional top loading machines. With a gentler tumbling
action, the showering and bathing techniques deliver better wash results to provide
delicate and valuable garments the care they deserve. Front-loaders generally remove
more water in their spin cycle, providing greater drying efficiency and economy.
By using the full 7kg drum load on our 'Lifestyle' models, you can wash more garments
in less loads. The powerful combination of water and energy efficiency, as well as
time and engineering, means Bosch front loaders are invented for life.

6.5kg wash load capacity
4 Star WELS Water Rating + 4 Star Energy
600 1000rpm spin speed with rinse hold
12 programmes plus 1 special programme:
Rinse Plus
Cold wash option for all programmes
Express 15 minute wash programme
Easy Iron and Eco programmes
for Cotton garments
Revolutionary Polinox outer drum
Textile-specific drum movements with
full electronic control for load detection,
excess foam detection and optimised
spinning results
Time delay start
LED display and sensor buttons for
spin speed, temperature selection
and time delay
LED indicators to identify
programme status
Duo Aquaspa scoop and shower
system for faster soaking
Detergent saver system
30cm wide porthole and 180 opening
door for easy loading and unloading
Multi-safe anti-flood protection
Pump protector


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2009-04-06 15:15:59
Added by Anonymous
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Very quiet. Doesn't move acroos the floor, washes really well, excellent 15 minute cycle.Nothing bad about itWould highly recommend!

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